Monday, July 17, 2006

Just too much work...

Deanna was in the at the end of the hallway trying to get into our room. Devin called Desirae to have her pick up Deanna and move her out of the door so he could close it. A bit later Denise sent Desirae back to get something and she came back saying she couldn't down the hallway. As it turned the she was pretty tired and just decided to crash! After about thirty minutes Deanna woke up and after a few moments of being upset everything went back to normal.

This morning was a bit weird because the power went out a bit after 0620 and was out for a little over an hour. It really messed me up and I ended up getting to work late. The only good thing is that I called in saying I was running behind so when the power did finally come back on I made a pop of coffee and had a nice, slow morning.

I know I haven't talked about it for a while but the rabbit battle is in full swing. I take out at least a rabbit a day and I think the average is more like two. I don't know where they keep coming from. I was thinking I should dig a mass grave, for the Dark Monday Rabbit Massacre but I am not sure if it will be a deterrent. Besides when I mentioned it to Denise she just turned and walked away for some reason...


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