Saturday, July 08, 2006


Denise started the morning off with her "breakfast stuff" (as Desirae likes to call it). She made everything on the stove on the outside of the trailer and that worked out pretty good. Though the campsites were pretty close together we lucked out this morning (today) without having anyone next to us. This worked out really well and made it nice when we were hanging out at the campsite.

I would like to say that today involved a lot of exploring, but right after we started walking Devin decided his feet hurt and would not stop complaining about it. So I volunteered to go back and get the truck and drive him back to the camp. Once I picked him up I decided to go and get gas for the truck.

Denise, Brad, Desirae, and Deanna continued to explore the river and the different campsites around Rivernook. They seemed to have a good time and I would have liked to see the different areas.

After the walk/drive/exploring we took and break and the kids watched a movie. So in all it was a pretty good morning.

For dinner we de-boned all the ribs from the 4th, poured in the rest of the BBQ sauce and stewed everything together and put it onto of some buns. It was REALLY good! We still have some left and I image that it won’t last too much longer. Either way it worked out pretty good.

Toward the end of the day and after dinner I decided to try and get some scenic river type shots. The sun was going down pretty quick and I wasn’t really sure where to head, but I jumped into the trunk and started driving up the river. I came across a spot that had a easy access to the river and the angle was pretty good. When I get home I will have to see how well these shots turned out and if I will be able to really do anything with them.


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