Sunday, July 09, 2006

Made our way home...

We made the trek home today. For the most part tearing everything down went pretty good, though I did get a bit stressed throughout the pack-up phase of the trip. On the way back we decided to take a detour through Ridgecrest to hit the Texas Cattle Company for lunch. Once we finish lunch we mentioned that there was also a Cold Stone in town - so we made our way over there, which is a bit tricky with the trailer, and Brad treated us to some ice cream.

We did have to stop at home point on the way home because Devin REALLY need to use the restroom. It was very fortunate that we had the trailer otherwise there would have been no place to stop and it would have been VERY bad! While we were stopped Desirae decided that she needed to go to - so we did our own little pit stop.

From there the trip was pretty good, albeit long, trip home. The weather was odd at different stages of the trip, but when we finally arrived home the clouds just really opened up. When I went to get gas and eggs Devin and Desirae made a trip outside to play in the rain.

We do get to keep Brad for one more day. Right now the plan is for him to leave early Tuesday - so tomorrow should be a good down-time day.

OBTW - In talking with Brad about blogs I helped him setup a new Blogger blog at Brad yells... So if you get a chance take a look! Denise and I are really looking forward to reading his updates!


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