Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bakersfield & Lake Ming

We decided to head into Bakersfield today for some shopping and to get out of the house. On the way back we made a detour toward Lake Ming and hung out there for a little bit. It gave us an opportunity to get the kids out of the car and to run around for a bit. Desirae, as usual, really wanted to run around and play at the park area. Devin didn't want to do much, and Deanna was well Deanna. Although when Denise put Deanna into the swing Devin was VERY interested in watching her.

When we first arrived in town we stopped at the Macaroni Grill for lunch. Denise really likes the place and wanted to go there, it was kind of one of the main reasons for heading to Bakersfield in the first place. They had these really cool plans in the front of the place and on the way out I tried to make a capture of them. I am not sure what they are but I thought it was a pretty sight.

At one point we stopped at Costco, I needed a new (another) external hard drive to store all my pictures and music on. Anyway, at one point we told Devin he needed to be careful walking behind the shopping cart because if he wasn't paying attention he would walk right into it and smash his teeth on it. Well, about a minute after we said that he did just that! So he smashed his loose teeth on the shopping cart and started bleeding all over the place and freaking out. He finally calmed down but it was a bit stressful. He didn't knock his tooth out (because that would be toooo easy) but they are definitely looser. Tomorrow I think we are going to pull the main one.

We also made a stop at Toy-R-Us which is right next to an internet cafe. So while I was waiting in the van with the kids I fired up my MacBook to see what I could see. My system quickly found the cafe and connected to their wireless network. When I ran a speed test on the line I couldn't believe just how fast it was. The download speed was a bit over 6000 and the upload speed was around 1400. That was INCREDIBLE!!! I sure wish I could get those speeds at home!


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