Friday, July 07, 2006

Arrived at Rivernook...

Though we were running a little behind we did make it out to our camping destination of Rivernook near Kernville. It was a pretty good trip without any problems or difficulties. I was a bit worried about the trip up the mountain to get over here and it wasn’t too bad. We did try to get a different spot once we arrived, but everything was booked and there were not any cancellations.

After getting set up we did take a little walk around the river and tent camping area, but Devin got pretty tired rather quickly and it was getting late so we headed back to the camp site so we could figure out what do to for dinner.

Ultimately we decided to head back into Kernville to go to one of the local restaurants. We found a really good Mexican food place and had an awesome meal. I have been really jonesing for Mexican food so it worked out really well. Everyone enjoyed what they ordered and the waitress was really wonderful and even cut up Devin's food for him without being asked. I was so impressed that I even thanked the cooks for the wonderful food.

When we arrived back at camp the kids really wanted to make smores so Brad and I made a fire and we went to work on making desert. The weather was a bit warm to really have a fire, but if you shoot far enough back, to not feel any of the heat, it was pretty nice. It was a pretty long day and we finally shut down pretty late! So more to come with tomorrow!


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