Saturday, January 16, 2010

Soccer trophy...

Today was Desirae's award ceremony where they presented the girls medals with their names on them for their effort this year in soccer.  We still are not done and we have "All Stars" next weekend (both days) so we have another week of practice and a full weekend of games (4 games).  All the girls are excited about it so I that makes it worth while.

They had the gathering at one of the local pizza places here in town which allowed the kids to spend some time playing in the game room for a little while.  The place has been remodeled since we have been there and it made the entire area a little undersized for the amount of people that we had there.  But the kids, including Deanna, had the opportunity to play some games and they all seemed to enjoy that.

In the end though the best part of a pizza place is the pizza and the kids scarfed down a bunch of pizza before the official proceedings commenced.  Since we weren't really sure how the whole thing was going to go down Denise and I just let the kid do their thing and decided we would eat later.  That actually worked out better, and probably made for healthier choices!


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