Monday, January 11, 2010

Me, Desirae and Children's Hospital for Devin...

Today is the day that Denise, Devin and Deanna headed down to Children's Hospital Los Angeles to have his follow-up doctor's appointment and get his new braces.  To save on leave I only too a few hours off so that I could meet Desirae after school.  Desirae and I hung out a little bit but she did spend a bit of time talk to her friend on the telephone.  Desirae also had Girl Scouts today but she was picked up for that...

Denise said that Dr. Kay was very pleased with Devin's progress and told her that the first year is basically just healing but that generally more improvements happen after the 2nd year.  So that means Devin still has an opportunity to get even better.  Devin told him about his trip around the soccer field with out his cane and he was very impressed with that.  Hopefully that kind of feedback will keep Devin motivated for improvement!

I'll find out more when they finally make it home.  Going down to Children's Hospital is a really long day and by the time you do the appointment, eat, do any shopping along the way (it isn't like you make that trip every day) you generally do not get home at a very good time.


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