Saturday, January 09, 2010

1st day down...

Well, the first day is down. Desirae's team had two games today and although they played hard they lost both games. There is one more game tomorrow and I am not sure what would happen if they win that one but we'll find out tomorrow!

After the first game Desirae decided she wanted to play goalie so she did that for the entire game. On the first game she played a bunch of different positions and it was really cool seeing her play in different spots.

One cool part about today is that my brother Daren and his wife Aleen did make the two-hour trip over to watch the game. They made it for the 4th quarter of the first game and were able to watch the entire second game. All the kids were really excited about seeing them and Desirae was really happy that they came to see her play.

I also took today as an opportunity to ops check that "new" Nikon 80-400 4.5~5.6 lens I trade Bobby for. It worked great and I was surprised at how well it did tracking the action. I ended up taking over 1,300 pictures so I have A LOT of images to go through but from what I have seen from a quick browse of the files I'm pretty happy with the results.


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