Sunday, January 10, 2010

Game 3...

Today was the 3rd game of the playoffs and our team did play hard but ultimately lost the game. It would have been nice if we would have scored at least one point but in the end that didn't happen either. The girls were in good spirits even with the loss and it was nice to have the playoffs come to an end. There is another practice on Tuesday and I there was mention of "All Stars" but I am not really sure what that really means.

Now this was really kind of cool. Devin and I were sitting down while the team was practicing talking about just generally stuff when he decided that he wanted to walk around without his cane. I was like COOL! He really wanted to go on his own so I put his fold up cane in his back pocket and he headed off around the field. He walked the entire way without a problem and without falling. It was really cool to see him do it. Luckily I was able to get Denise's attention while she was talking with the other moms so that she could see what he was doing. Everyone was really proud of him and he did a great job. He was pretty tired afterward but it was VERY neat!

On the way home, and really near our house, we saw a fire truck, ambulance and a bunch of police cars blocking off an area. We were not really sure what was going on and with the police cars it kind of made me nervous so we just drove to the house. As we were getting out of the van Denise noticed a helicopter coming our way toward the scene we realized it was a medivac. So we quickly loaded everyone back up in the van, I grabbed my D300 and 80-400 and we drove back over there. I got out and walked up to the area and photographed the entire scene as it unfolded. I did as one of our Cal City Police officers what was going on and he basically send it was medical and their officers were blocking the area so the helicopter could land. The patient looked okay(ish) but I imagine when you are transporting via helicopter it can't be great. Maybe the paper will have more information...


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