Monday, November 09, 2009

Strange desert find...

Last week my brother mentioned something about a jail cell he found a couple years ago in the desert. He said he was out exploring and he came upon this old ruin of a jail cell. He gave me the general direction of the place so I decided to see if I could find it.

It was really wasn't too far out there and wasn't that hard to find although I am not sure if I would have ever come across it had he not told me about it. It was really bizarre and it had a huge concert door on it. I didn't venture inside and it was a bit surreal.

The story behind it, and I am not sure if it is true, is that the guy who lived there was a WWII veteran who had spend a few years in as a German prisoner. He wasn't quite right when he came back and he built the cell so he could spend a few hours a day in there to help calm his nerves. As the story goes being back in a duplicate of his old jail cell made him feel safe, or something along those lines.

I am not sure if that's an accurate story but it wouldn't surprise me.


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