Saturday, October 21, 2006

Renaissance Festival

We made our way to the California City Renaissance Festival today! Denise and the kids have been looking forward to this for a long time and this was the best showing we have seen for this festival. They did change it up a bit this year and charged people to enter although that did not seem to hurt the numbers much. Nana and Max also came down so they went there with us. In this picture here Desirae is waiting to see the Queen. Folks from the festival had visited the school to encourage participation and Desirae was very excited about it.

Speaking of the Queen Desirae REALLY wanted to meet her and was looking forward to that all week. She finally got her opportunity when the Queen made it back with her entourage to her tent. Desirae waited patiently and then finally came up to the rope and asked permission to speak to the Queen. She was VERY intimidated and stood straight almost at attention while speaking with her.

As I mentioned above Nana and Max came down for the weekend. I think they were both missing the kids and this was a little quite moment when Nana and Desirae had some time together. Actually I think Desirae was being a little brat and Nana was trying to talk some sense into her.

Toward the end of the day Denise and Devin were playing this wooden block game. I can't remember the name of it but it is where you take a block out and move it to the top trying to make the next person knock it over. The game was going pretty good with a lot of onlookers and Devin ultimately knocked it over. It was pretty cool and he did VERY WELL moving the blocks around. It was really a close game!

Desirae did get into the fun with games too. Here she was playing a ring toss with the goal being to get 3 rings to hang on a post. She worked at it for quite a while but was never able to get three rings to land in the right place. I think because she was being so polite and friendly about the entire thing (she had to collect her rings and give them to the next person in line) the folks there went ahead and gave her a prize for doing so well.

Trey Cromwell was there again at the festival and put on a pretty good show for everyone there. He is a juggler and is pretty entertaining. Here he is getting ready to do the fire juggling and eating thing. There was a pretty good turn out for that. When he was finished and passing the hat both Desirae and Devin gave him a couple of bucks for a good show. He and another fellow performer really had some fun with Devin and at one point after talking about Star Wars they searched him out to put him in a dark cloak so he could be Darth Devin a Sith Lord. It was pretty funny and Devin had a HUGE smile on his face. It was really great that they searched him out to do that.

All in all it was a really great time (even though it was a long day!). Anyway I will post the entire gallery hopefully sometime tomorrow. I took over 480 pictures so I have a lot of images to go through and cull down.


At Monday, 23 October, 2006, Blogger Donna Rae said...

The festival was great fun and we had a great time!


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