Saturday, July 28, 2007

Livemore, movies and vinyards...

This is the weekend that we took Devin and Desirae up to Livermore to stay with Nana and Max. For the last couple of years they take the kids for a couple of weeks. So they will spend the next two weeks here and then meet us in Pismo for the return trip home. Toward the end of the day (after dinner) me, Max and Desirae headed into the hills to try to catch the sunset and get some neat images of the vinyards. It was great fun and I think both of us made some really nice captures.Denise and I also had the opportunity to finally go and see the new Harry Potter movie. As you may recall this was something we had planned to do when Nana and Max drove through on their way to Lauglin but because of our A/C woes it didn't happen. So we made a mad dash out, had a quick lunch and caught the movie. I am not into the Harry Pottery stuff as much as Denise is but I thought it was a pretty good movie and it seemed to flow pretty quickly.

So tomorrow we head back home and we get to spend the rest of the week thinking and getting ready for our Pismo Beach trip. At work we are going through a re-inspection so it is probably going to be a pretty odd week. There is a chance that I might have to work the mid shift - I just need to make sure I don't get sick or anything before our trip!


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