Saturday, July 21, 2007

Back on track and new camera...

Well things are starting to get back on track. We have our A/C fixed, our new electrical, and we were ready for Nana and Max to come down this weekend. Max purchased a new Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi and was hoping that we could talk camera. Last weekend wasn't really an option with all the drama going on but this time we were able to pull out cameras and give everything a go. First impression, the Canon XTi is a pretty neat little camera. Max is having focusing problems, very similar to the problems I was having with my D70 when I first purchased it, so hopefully I have given her some ideas on how to address that. For me the problem is that I was not waiting for the camera to finish focusing before I made the exposure. Since I have slowed down things have worked MUCH better. Hopefully that advise will work well for her.

Max, a plumber by trade, also helped me out with the proper way to repair a sprinkler line. As it turns out I wasn't doing it right and as a result the same spot would continue to break. The break this time wasn't my repair - but the other folks (the propane guys) repaired it the same way I would have. So hopefully this new repair will hold up. She also helped with fixing our toilet that has been leaking since we came back from vacation. So at least we got a couple of things done this weekend!

We are also getting ready for our Pismo Beach trip. I think we have another Camping World trip we have to make to get the last remaining things we need to get. Denise and I are REALLY looking forward to that.


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