Saturday, March 03, 2007

More pictures...

It is hard to believe it has only been a white since the Rinder/Deal seminar. If seems like it has been a LONG time ago - but I am sure my regular work week had a lot to do with that (been another one of those weeks!). The photo here was one that Steve took of me on the white set while we were setting up waiting for the models to arrive. It was one of those stand "here" and let's see how the lights look. So this was the set with the guitar girls series. Anyway I have been a process fiend the last couple of days (and today) just about finishing all of my images. I still have to completely finish and then make all the CDs for all the models. I really hope once my new images hit the search engines that my sells get a nice (consistent) spike. So far my numbers are doing better and iStock is really starting to churn out for me. Still small numbers but growing steadily. I also am getting some ground on a couple of the other sites I am using - one of them (FeaturePics) I was beginning to think I should just drop - but I have had movement on that site as well - actually just had another sell while I am writing this!


At Sunday, 04 March, 2007, Blogger Donna Rae said...

Hey - thanks for adding the links to your blog - makes it easier for me to check your pictures!


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