Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Medical Studio...

With everyone feeling sick - and us not doing any studio work for a while - we decided to try something with Deanna and some medical stuff we have around the house. She wasn't really going for it at first - but Deanna started having fun and I think we got some cute shots out of the session. The ones here are the out takes. So I will try and edit/keyword/upload tonight before shutting down - but it may not happen...

I guess you could say everyone is starting to feel better. Devin should be going back to school tomorrow and I should be going back to work. I really hate this sick thing and it seems to come on more often now. I am sure having three kids running around the house will all those little germs they attract doesn't help - but it does appear that a lot of folks are sick at work too. So maybe it will end SOON!


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