Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Denise has been talking about cutting her hair really short for a while now and she asked Ann to cut her hair today. For most of the folks reading this (anyone who has known Denise for over a couple of years) knows that she used to have pretty long hair. I think it is kind of cool that she is trying new stuff and I think her new do is pretty hot! But that's just me! :) We both just figure if she doesn't like it she can always grow it back out.

So I haven't really posted since I got back from the seminar. All I can say is that the studio portion was AWESOME. Working in a real studio with professional models was a real eye opener. Fortunately they were all well aware that everyone was really new at working with models and they were great! The first thing they did was break us into groups of three photographers and I ended up with two great guys Steve and Ken. The models responded really well to direction and would jump into character when we would say what we were looking for. I have a bunch of photos to process and post. I did finish 5 last night, which were accepted today, and I had my first sales on them. The two girls on the ends were actually photographers and the middle one was their model friend - all from Vegas. I am not sure what happened but they ended up helping and modeling. Anyway more to come as I can get photoshop time!

Oh, BTW, if anyone is interested, Denise is hotter than all of those girls!

Here is another shot from the model shoot. This is Tiffini and she was our first model of the day on Sunday. She was really amazing and was able really express the different emotions we were asking her to try to do. You all know me and my dark depressing images. This is the exact shot that I had in my head and she just nailed it. The really amazing part is she was really a bundle of energy and very upbeat person. Throughout this particular section I would make some wise crack - she would laugh and go right back into character with missing a beat. It was REALLY COOL to watch!


At Wednesday, 28 February, 2007, Anonymous Mom said...

Do we start referring to you as "Hot Stuff"?

At Wednesday, 28 February, 2007, Blogger Donna Rae said...

I really like Denise's hair - she does look hot!


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