Saturday, February 24, 2007

Day One

Day one is just about over. I am back at the hotel and just pulled the images off the 3 2GB memory cards. I am not sure how many images I shot - but it was a lot. The day started with a simple q&a session and then moved into some practical shoots. It started out with some of the fellow members of the crew acting as models - it had to look kind of interesting with 15 photographers pointing their cameras at a single person. At one point two girls came up and wanted to model for us so they got into the screen and had a tone of shots taken. It was all pretty interesting and pretty crowed with everyone jockeying for position. From there we wandered around Venice Beach with the idea of people looking for images within the scene. At lunch we all met back up - well at least most of us a few people were MIA - and just relaxed for a bit. After that it was back on the Blvd lookng for shots. I connected up with one of the guys (Steve) and we ended up breaking off from everyone else walking the back alleys looking for shots. I still haven't really gone through anything so I am not sure what I got - but it was fun. It was weird how some folks didn't seem to be taking many images. Anyway I am just setting back in - I am going to take a break - get some food - and then start checking out the shots. Tomorrow in the studio should be interesting!

Here is another series of shots from the location above. This is Anne is was one of the photographers in the seminar and was sitting in as one of the models on Venice Beach.


At Saturday, 24 February, 2007, Blogger Donna Rae said...

How very exciting! I am very glad you are doing this and I am looking forward to seeing your shots!


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