Sunday, February 18, 2007

Forget me not Sunday...

Today was a pretty relaxed day and after everyone left and we settled down for the evening we setup the studio to shoot a reminder string series. I think the shots turned out okay and I have a batch uploaded to see what happens.

Nana and Max left today. They still have a lot of work to do at their house and the construction (finishing) crew is suppose to be at the house tomorrow. Hopefully they will clear out the rest of the open items and finish this project up! They are really looking forward to having it done - and we are really looking forward to seeing it!

Last night the kids wanted to sleep out in the trailer with them (Nana and Max) so it was like a little mini camping trip! The trailer seems to be working out pretty good for the extra space. We did take it to the dump station today to clean everything out. Once everything settles down we should have a chance to take it camping again soon! At least I hope so!


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