Monday, February 19, 2007


Well, the plan was to head into town, Bakersfield in this instance, to do some shopping and just run around. We headed toward Bakersfield through Tehachapi however because of a accident involving a semi the freeway was pretty well shut down. We did stop in Tehachapi and got something to eat and checked out some new homes. It was also snowing a bit so the kids got to walk around in the snow for a little bit too (though it wasn't enough for them). We tried one final time to continue our journey but the traffic indicated otherwise.

So we ended up go back down the hill and into Lancaster/Palmdale. Denise found almost everything she wanted and we did a bit more driving around just checking places out that we hadn't been to before. On the way back home the lighting was pretty nice so I stopped off a few different places to make some deserted desert photographs. Denise and the kids stayed in the van watching movies and I just went from spot to spot capturing the scene.

OBTW - The release version of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (APLR) was made available yesterday. So I downloaded it, upgraded my libraries from the beta to the release and I have been working with the new version. So far it is VERY nice, fast, and seems pretty darn good. Well worth the money I have to pay for at - and at least I am getting it for $100 off right now by ordering early. I have been looking for a Digital Asset Management application that melded well with the way I work and this application has been spot-on. The beta had some bugs but this release version seem like they ironed it out. So hopefully my box with license will show up in the next few days - while I use the 30 day trial.


At Tuesday, 20 February, 2007, Anonymous Mom said...

Excellent -- should make your photography even more enjoyable.

At Tuesday, 20 February, 2007, Blogger Donna Rae said...

Nice shot! Sounds like it worked out for everyone (movies in the van and you roaming around shooting). Hope the new program is just what you are looking for.

At Tuesday, 20 February, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice picture


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