Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tire catastrophe...

So I get this call from Caleb at 0830 this morning on the NEXTEL saying he has a little problem and needs some help. His NEW tire blew out on the way to work. I am not sure if you all remember from previous posts but he lives over an hour from work and there really isn’t much between work and his house. So after the morning meeting I jumped in the truck and started heading in his direction. The worst part about this is his kids had taken the jack and tools out of the truck to work on the quads so he had NOTHING to change the tire. The really bad part is that the tools for my GMC were the wrong size and he couldn’t get the lug nuts off with it. In the end we called AAA and had to wait for the wrecker to come out and change the tire. Talk about feeling pretty stupid – three guys (Rob rode out with me) watching the AAA guy change a tire.

All I know is I wouldn’t want to be Caleb’s boys when he finally gets home!!!

Oh - and he was REAL happy that I brought my camera! :)


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