Friday, September 01, 2006

The week is at an end...

Well for some reason I find it more and more difficult to update the blog on a more recurring basis. I think this is the result of going back to work, the kids starting school, the stock photography, and my going back to school. I will try to get back in the grove of things so please bear with me! I took today day off, it was a "liberal leave" day at work so I figured I would stay home. We did not accomplish much of the things I had hoped but I did get the opportunity to meet Desirae at the bus when she came home. That was pretty cool - and to continue with the bus problems they were about 10 minutes late today. Go figure.

Oh - some of you may be contacted by the kids about school fundraisers. I have ALWAYS hated those things and have bad memories of them when I was a kid. But today, Devin came home literally in tears because he KNEW we were not going to do anything and he was going to be the ONLY one that doesn't get anything when the do the end of results thing when the fund raiser is over. I still hate thing damn things but in retrospect it really isn't fair (I know life isn't fair, but oh well) to ruin something like that for the kids.

The stock photography thing does seem to be going well. After posting my first pictures on on July 24 (iStock) and mid August for Shutter stock I have sold 31 images, of the 33 different ones posted and made a whopping $8.45 between the 2. Considering it is taking FOREVER to get images on those sites and most of my activity was toward the end of August I am pretty happy with the results so far.


At Saturday, 02 September, 2006, Blogger Donna Rae said...

Nice to see your blog again - I miss you! Congratulations on the picture sales.

At Monday, 04 September, 2006, Blogger Brad said...

Good work on your pictures being so popular! I thought they should be. And don't feel too bad about the tardy blogs, life has been busy for me too! At least that is my excuse as well.


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