Saturday, September 02, 2006

Boondoggle down below...

I took this picture on the way back from our boondoggle overlooking the Antelope Valley (Palmdale in particular). The sight that really caught our attention was the rainbow in the the right portion of the frame. It was weird because it wasn't raining or anything. I was able to stop at the vista point and grab some photographs before it faded away.

The main purpose of the trip was to go to the Lego store at the Glendale Galleria Mall. Devin had been looking forward to this for the whole week and was VERY excited to head on down there. It was not as much sensory overload as I though they (Devin and Desirae) would have, but they did seem to enjoy it. He bought a ship, that we will build tomorrow, and a Star Wars minifigure keychain.

I also had the chance to make my way to the Apple store (next door) and pick up one of those wireless bluetooth mighty mouse. Since I bought the MacBook with me I had to chance to use it in the car and when we stopped for dinner and I was VERY impressed. It is really going to be nice when I am held up in a corner of the house doing homework and such.

We also went by Canoga Camera to check out their smaller 5 in 1 reflectors. Before going I had called to see if they had any Nikkor macro lenses in and they said NO. However when I walked in the door Derek said, "Hey I found one in our used shelf" so after a while of testing it out and comparing it with different lenses I went ahead and bought it. He also dropped the price a bit to entice me to buy. It is last years model and used but considering the new model (if you can find one) is $850 and the old one new is $659 I think $349 was a pretty good deal! Besides I wouldn't have been able to take the Lego picture above without it!


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