Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I think...

The desert is trying to kill me...  I am having the worst allergies, at least I think that is what the problem is, I think I've ever had this year.  We have been fortunate enough to get some much needed rainfall which has resulted in EVERYTHING blooming out here.  It looks awesome and really makes the desert look beautiful.  The only problem is I feel like I am dying!  I am living on benadryl, among other allergy medications, and feel like total hell.

I guess one thing that is good is that I was able to get out and shoot some photographs.  The image above was back lit and it really made the weeds look like they were glowing.  It was really a pretty neat sight to see.

Anyway, hopefully everything will get under control and I can start feeling better!  Hope everyone else is done well!


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