Sunday, March 14, 2010

Family visit...

We headed back over to Bakersfield today to spend more time with the family.  I think everyone, especially Michelle, Fred and their children have really accepted it and are adjusting to the reality of the situation.  I think Devin is still having a hard time coping but he is getting better. He had a moment after we first got there and just the absence of Aaron really got to him.  Earlier in the day I ran across the Harley Davidson guitar pick that he had given me in December when they were staying with us around Christmas time and that was a little difficult to wrap my head around.  Again this entire situation occurred pretty rapidly.

One thing I have realized as a result of this is that I haven't taken enough photographs.  I think everyone realizes that it is something I really like to do but at times I feel like I am really putting people out so for the most part I won't haul out the gear and "force" people to sit (or stand) for a portrait.  This has really become evident as I look back at my gallery and see a lack of great photographs of Aaron...  I have some journalistic shots of him but nothing close to a studio shot.

So today I mentioned this to Denise and the idea of just packing some gear to make some shots and she thought it was a great.  So I grabbed my (new) trusty c-stand and the black backdrop that my buddy Mike Cassidy was kind enough to pass my way, along with a couple of strobes and ancillary equipment and set it up in the carport to make some shots.

None of the children really wanted to do it but after some urging from their mother (and aunt) they all agreed.  I could have (should have) done a little better job but I think the final composite worked out nice.  I REALLY wish I had an image of Aaron to include in it but as I mentioned above I don't have any.


At Tuesday, 23 March, 2010, Anonymous Miss Jewel said...

And you didn't take any of Fred & Michelle?


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