Friday, March 19, 2010

Almost everyone is here...

As I mentioned yesterday, Brad (in the photograph at left with Denise) and his wife Libby arrived last night.  This morning Brad and I made the trip to Ontario International Airport to pick up their brother Gene.  While we were gone Denise and Libby made a Costco trip and got some of the food together that we were going to bring back to Bakersfield.

It was really cool for the "guys" to do the snatch-and-grab at the airport and it was nice to just chat and catch up on the way back.

Once everyone was "home" at our house Denise and Libby finished up the cookies and such and when the kids got home from school we headed out (well, at little behind schedule) to Michelle and Fred's place in Bakersfield.  This visit also gave us the opportunity for everyone to meet Fred's parents who made the drive out from Tennessee.

The only family that hasn't actually arrived yet is their uncle Gary who's flight landed pretty late and a couple hours away so he won't even hit Bakersfield until tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Aaron's funeral and I am fully expecting to be a pretty difficult time.  Fred is actually planning to share and I cannot even imagine how difficult that would be.  I think Devin is really going to have a hard time with it as he is still really upset.


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