Monday, March 22, 2010


That is what we are getting back to, normalcy!  Denise and her brother Gene went on a boondoggle and included scouting out some areas to take the kids at a later date.  The entire plan for today hasn't been finalized but it is either going to be her and Gene spending the night near Ontario and then Denise coming back in the morning or she will come back tonight.

So Devin and Desirae were back to school today which left Deanna and I to roam the house.  Once we finally got moving (neither one of us was very motivated in the morning) we did a test shoot with one of those 4x4 frames that Mike sent my way.  It was really cool and provided some really nice soft light in the mid day sun.

After that it was trying to fix the tailgate on the truck.  After I pulled the lift mechanism apart I found the culprit...  The plastic retaining clip broke.  So a quick trip to NAPA and a replacement clip later the lift was back in business.  The only problem now?  I broke the bezel so I had to have them order one of those too...  Hopefully tomorrow everything will be back to normal!


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