Sunday, March 07, 2010


This has been a pretty intense weekend.  Yesterday we headed over to Bakersfield to visit Michelle's family and to see Aaron.  He is really having a ruff time of it and it is truly amazing to think the person that was in the living room with us was the same boy dragging Devin around on January 2nd and again on the 24th playing guitar and just hanging out.  He is incredibly weak and the cancer is really fighting with him.  His parents, Michelle and Fred, are really running themselves into the ground doing everything they can to try and help make him stronger to put him in a situation to fight this cancer.

Our kids did really well although Devin did get a bit emotional after we left.  I don't think he really expected Aaron to be a sick as he really is.  Devin has always had a very special bond with Aaron and told him yesterday that he is "awesome and cool".

Hopefully they can catch a break on this and Aaron can start responding positively to everything they are trying.  Hopefully they will get with an oncologist soon to get a baseline on where he is and how he is progressing.

I wondering around the property and spend more time than I realized making photographs of dandelions.  I found the one above in a little outgrow and I thought it was appropriate to my mood and the situation.


At Monday, 08 March, 2010, Blogger Brad said...

Very expressive photo. Good choice considering. Thanks for being there.


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