Sunday, March 21, 2010

Something different...

Everyone started heading back today. Gene spent the rest of the weekend with us and today we had already planned to take a trip down over the hill into Hollywood to show him the Guitar Center down there. You see we've been talking about doing this for some time and in the past it always seemed to work out that we were unable to squeeze in the time to make it happen. So today we just did it.

I was really surprised how non-busy the place was and Gene got the entire Hollywood experience (including having two guys exit the same stall in the bath room - disgusting)...

Anyway it took a couple of hours to go through everything (twice) but it was really, as usual, to check the store out.  They really have an amazing vintage section and I think Gene was really blown away but that.

Denise did have the opportunity to head to the drum floor of the store and got to play around with one of the Roland kits.  The headphones were damaged so it wasn't a great opportunity but at least she did it.  Actually the funny thing is neither Gene or I played any guitars.  I figured it would help keeps the "wants" at bay!

After that we headed over to the Glendale Galleria so the kids could check out the Lego Store.  That is always fun for them and they love going there.  Fortunately there is an Apple store right next door so I headed over there and check a few things out.  On an even more positive note (hopefully) we bought Denise a new bluetooth headset so that should make a difference when she is calling folks.  Considering the cost, it was one of those Jawbone noise assassin models, it should make a great difference.  All I know, from my perspective, her current headset is a royal pain and for the most part I can't hear her...  So we'll see!  


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