Sunday, February 21, 2010

Desirae's Birthday...

Desirae's 9th birthday was today!  As I mentioned yesterday today was to be a low-key day just staying around the house.  Fortunately everyone, except Denise, was feeling much better today.  For some reason Desirae decided that she wanted a red velvet cake so Denise made one for her.  She picked meatloaf for her stay-home birthday dinner.  She wanted a "Skippy Jump Jones" or something like that for her birthday and I had secured the said item from a previous trip into town.

The really funny part though, we bought a new office chair yesterday while we were in town and the kids spent pretty much the entire day playing in the box.  It was either a package, present and various other imaginary containers.  It's really funny how kids can at one moment not have "anything" to do and then the next they can be playing hours with a box...  Go figure...

OBTW - sorry about the screwed up white balance...  I did the video really quick with the Canon Power Shot and didn't have time to measure a white balance...  I really wish I would have!


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Can't watch the video!


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