Saturday, February 20, 2010

Desirae's Pre-Birthday...

Today was the day that we did Desirae's "birthday dinner".  I didn't mention this on Devin's posting but we decided not to do the normal birthday party that we do and instead told the kids we would let them choose wherever they wanted to go for lunch/dinner for their birthday.  Nothing was off the table and whatever they picked would go.  Devin picked Super King Buffett and Desirae chose the same thing.

The one real difference about this trip is that everyone (well, except for me this time) wasn't feeling well.  Denise, Devin, Desirae and Deanna have all been either having really bad allergies or they are getting sick.  The main point of this is that instead of trying to do something "fun" (like the snow from last weekend) we just went into town and came back.

Pretty much everything went well and the kids were all happy with Desirae's choice.  Honestly I don't' think Denise and I were real happy with the food this time but oh well.  Anyway, we did dinner and then did some running around and headed back home.

So, how were we rewarded for this great in-town-adventure???  Desirae threw up about 20 minutes after going to bed...  I'm thinking this is going to be a great weekend!

Okay, the salt-and-pepper shakers?  I figured I was going to talk about food and I happened to photograph this tonight while screwing around with a "hot" let setup I'm playing with.  Did you know they made 300 watt compact fluorescent 120V bulbs?  They do!


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