Monday, February 15, 2010

Graham Cracker Inspiration...

I have been pretty disappointed with myself for not shooting anything stocky this entire weekend.  That isn't to say this wasn't a productive (and relaxing) weekend but all day I have been feeling pretty edgy about not shooting any of the concepts I have written down in my little digital book.  I really can't complain I mean I had a four day weekend, went to the snow with a great birthday dinner for Devin, tagged along a commercial shoot with my buddy Mike, had a relaxing Valentine's day hanging around the house and today we did some chores that needed to be done.

So here I was watching the Winter Olympics (which is really neat by the way, Denise is really into it and I can see why) thinking, darn...  I didn't shoot anything.  Well, part of my new "diet" is to have a glass of milk and some graham crackers before I go to bed.  So I figured, that might work!  So I put the glass in the freezer and set everything up.  Played with the new tethering app (which worked really well) and framed the shot.  Then got everything in place, poured the milk and shot a handful of the image above.

Nothing really spectacular, but if you end up thinking about a glass of really cold milk and some graham crackers then I think I achieved my goal!  And if not, at least the milk and graham crackers were REALLY good when I was done!


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