Saturday, February 13, 2010

Short notice tag-a-long...

My buddy Mike called me late Friday and asked if I wanted to go with him on a last minute photo shoot he was going to do for a vintage clothing line.  Of course the answer was YES and I made plans to meet up with him in Burbank early this morning.  Mike has offered me some of his spare studio equipment he has (cleaning out room in the garage) so we mad the exchange too.

You see, Mike spent a boat load of time working in the film industry before he decided to slow down the pace and spend more time with his family.  That led to a job out a Edwards working in the audio visual (photography) shop.  Anyway he also took me to a place called Film Tools and basically demonstrated why the industry uses certain type of gear.  It was a MAJOR eye opener...

Anyway we then met up with his friend/model at Paramount Ranch were we spent the rest of the day going through different wardrobe and settings.  It is a really great place (I'm going to take Denise and the kids back there soonish) and worked very well with the motif of the clothing (shirts).  While "chimping" the images looked REALLY cool and everything was really coming together.

As you can see if was killing me not having a camera on me so I finally just pulled out my iPhone to capture some behind the scenes work.  All in all it was a really cool day!


At Monday, 15 February, 2010, Blogger Donna Rae said...

Sounds awesome and that you had a great time.


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