Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Well, this has been a pressure filled couple of weeks cumulating to today.  Aaron who is Michelle's oldest son of 16 years hasn't been feeling well for a while.  He has had persistent eating problems and such but he has up and down days.  So bottom line it didn't appear too serious.  However toward the end of January it appeared to be getting significantly worse and they took him to a doctor who diagnosed him with a hernia and schedule a surgery to fix the problem.  Everyone felt much better that the source of the problem was identified and a good plan was set into motion to achieve that goal.  So on Friday, January 22, the surgery was scheduled and performed.  The only problem, he didn't have a hernia.  It was something much worse.  Basically the surgeon found a bunch of tumors, took a biopsy, and did what he could.

So now everyone has been in a waiting game to get the results back.  Now the surgeon did, unexpectedly in my opinion, told them he had cancer.  Yesterday they finally had the appointment with the results and it was confirmed but with results.

So, what does all this mean?  I'm not really sure.  They should talk to an oncologist soonish and hopefully come up with a good treatment plan.  The problem right now is Aaron is incredible week and nearly unable to eat.  Michelle and Fred are doing everything they can think of to try to help him get his strength up as they work through the medical system to really figure out what the options and plans really are.  Denise drove up today and met with her sister and had the chance to see Aaron.

Hopefully we will hear more soon...


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