Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Spaghetti in the trailer...

I tried something I have been thinking about today and that is using the trailer as a location for some food photography.  Denise was making the old standby spaghetti tonight and although it isn't an elegant meal it's kind of a staple and was good for a test.  Hopeful the shot looks natural and simple (and sellable).

The intriguing part is that since it was dark when I got home (well, getting dark) I used three lights to make this work.  Two lights outside with large softboxes to simulate bright sunlight.  I used a medium one inside to provide some fill.

Other than the problem of triggering all the lights (I really need more pocket wizards) it worked out pretty good.

Well, that isn't completely true...  The first batch of shots was a complete loss because I set the ISO to 1600 which made all the images unusable...  The REALLY funny part about that...  I was just talking to my friend Todd about that mistake which is something I don't generally do...  Go figure...


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