Friday, February 12, 2010

A day of leave and snow...

Denise told me earlier in the week that the kids had a really long weekend which started today (Friday).  The weather has been getting better around here so I figured this was probably going to be the last day that we would have an opportunity to drive to the snow before it really started melting.

It was basically a surprise and we didn't mention it to the kids until we were basically driving up the mountain and they started seeing it.  I did find out later that Denise had told Devin to help motivate him to change clothes when we were talking about leaving.

The kids had a blast playing around and basically getting soaked.  I did have a chance to play with the intervalometer  to get the group shot above with everyone in the picture.  I figure I never actually get evidence that I was actually there so this worked out pretty good!

The really "funny" part.  When we decided to move I was having a heck of a time withe the Bronco not wanting to move and acting like it was stuck.  I really thought the transmission was toast or something then Denise was like, it smells like brakes are burning...  Would you know that I had left the darn parking brake engaged...  To get the Bronco to move I was in 4x4 LOW...  Oh well.  That was pretty stressful but it all worked out.  We ended up going the rest of the way up the road and stopped again for the kids to run around a bit more.

After that we headed back into town for Devin's birthday dinner choice.  He ended up picking the Super King Buffet and we all basically stuff ourselves...  I haven't even checked my blood sugar numbers for today...  I'm afraid I will break the meter!

Anyway it was a pretty good day and I think everyone was pretty happy with it!


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