Monday, February 01, 2010


So have you ever had one of those nights where you just couldn't sleep?  You lay in bed for a couple of hours just staring at the ceiling wondering when your mind will stop racing so you can get some sleep?  Then you finally get up thinking that you will wear yourself down for the impending crash?

So here I am sitting in front of the computer just messing around when I head over to my apps folder to do I don't even remember now and I find this program called sofortbild...  What in the world?  Where did that come from?  The icon has a lens and some polaroids on it so I figure it must do something camera related... So I open the darn thing and it kind of looks familiar but I still don't have a clue what in the world it is...

Come to find out it is a tethering application for Nikon cameras and Apple Mac OS X computers...  The funning thing, I was just thinking I needed a tethering application, I was even looking at the Nikon program (until I saw the nearly $200 price tag, then I stopped looking).

It just so happens my camera bag was basically at my feet and I just happened to have a USB cable in the drawer so I figure, what the heck, lets see what this thing will do...  Damn, it's pretty darn cool.  You take a picture and it immediately (well, it has to load first) onto the display... Huh, you can even change the settings, take the picture and basically remote control the camera from the computer.  You can also just push the button on the camera.

I'm thinking I am going to have to pull that thing out for my next studio shoot with the Mac so I can see the images on the larger display (I know 13" is small, but it is hugh compared to the 3" screen on the camera).

So, at least I accomplished something while I couldn't sleep.  So, if you're a Nikon shooter surf on over to and check it out!  After that, go to bed!


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