Saturday, November 07, 2009

PLaying around...

I wanted to test out my gear today to include the generator so I pulled everything out and fired it all up... Okay, so all means a single head with a large softbox but I had to open the chances and LOOK at all the gear so it was kind of LIKE firing it all up!

Anyway after I put some gas in the generator and remember HOW to start the darn thing I was in business! The wind was also cooperating so at least my gear didn't some crashing down. I did some quick metering to make sure everything was balanced and off I went.

Well, off I went to make sure Devin was still willing to volunteer. He was so we started banging away changing little things here and there and made a couple of cute images. I thought the one up at the left was the best and it was fun.

The really interesting thing is that someone stopped while we were shooting and asked about portraits. So I gave them my card and asked them to drop me a light to work out the particulars.

I always like shooting so it was cool to make some images!

Speaking of that, I was supposed to have a shoot tomorrow but the model canceled and I wasn't able to book a replacement so I will have to figure something else out tomorrow! :(


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