Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Photo Boondoggle...

So I have been off the net for the last few days because we headed up to Missouri to visit more family and they happen to live in the land of no internet... Or cell phone coverage for that matter! Brad had planned out the outing a few weeks ago - but the event has been planned for months. Our original goal was just to photograph the grounds of the University of Arkansas (where Brad works). BUT - on the way he was talking about water falls and since I don't really have the opportunity to photograph water falls we made a little detour on our trip to hit one fall of note. I can't remember the name of it but it was REALLY cool and we spent a lot of time photographing there. I got a bunch of different shots and I think a few are real contenders to be enlarged.

After finishing there we headed back toward or original destination and spent the remaining time near and around the UOA. It was a really neat place and we walked all over the place. Fortunately Brad and Brian both help lug all gear (crap) around and we had a really great time. We were there all through the evening lighting and didn't leave until well after sunset taking nighttime shots like the one to the right of the fountain. We ultimately called it quits and loaded back in the car right around 10pm.

It was a really cool time with the only exception that Denise got sick while we were out. So Cheryl called us a bit after 10pm to let us know that we needed to get back and that Denise wasn't doing well. It seems she has a little spell earlier in the day that has caused everyone a bit of concern. Denise contacted her doctor today and has an appointment set up for next week when we are back. We are just watching her closely (more closely then she would probably like) but just trying to be on the safe side. As a result I was kind of wanting to get back more toward civilization so if it happens again we can just get her to a hospital. Needless to say it has put a major stressor on a trip that has already been a stressed...


At Wednesday, 25 June, 2008, Blogger Free to Focus said...

Sweet waterfall, I'm jealous, there is obviously more water where you are at...oh, BTW, I found a business card today from some freq named Casey, do you want it? :) Hope you are having a GREAT vacation.


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