Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Tuesday was the day that Denise and her mom went running around Tulsa and just hung out. They have been planning this for months and it has been one of the main things Denise has been looking forward to for this trip. So they headed out mid morning to start their trip! Honestly I am not really sure what all they did but they seemed to have a good time and that pretty much all that matters. When Pat (Denise's mom) came over, first, she brought me a nice cup of COFFEE which was VERY nice and really needed! She also mentioned that Cliff (Denise's step-dad) was going to come over around lunch.

Me, Devin, Deanna, and Desirae hung around watching TV, playing guitar, etc until Cliff made it over to the house. I figured we would go out to lunch to get something to eat so when he arrived we loaded up in the van and headed out. Other than the service being not great and Desirae deciding she was going to make a scene the ENTIRE time we were there it was pretty cool. Actually, the deal with Desirae is that she circled what she wanted, but that's not what she wanted and when they brought the food she freaked out.

Pretty much after that we headed back to the house and just homesteaded until Denise got back.


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