Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Devin's gate study update...

Children's Hospital called us back yesterday about the GATE 3D modeling study they are going to do on Devin. We had hoped to squeeze in next week but as it turns out the next available appointment is on 2 Jul. So after we get back we will head down and do that. We are all hopefully that it will give the doctors some really good information and they can come up with treatments that will really help Devin progress. Our gut feeling is that they are going to have to do a surgery but honestly if it can really help his abilities then it is all worth it. We are going to talk about it over the summer and hopefully get Devin "excited" about it (as much as you can be).

Other than that, yesterday was the last-day-of-school so school is out for summer (just had to work that in there). I think it is going to be a pretty quick week though and then this weekend Denise and Desirae head off to Girl Scout Camp for the weekend where they are going camping up past Kern Ville. Hopefully that will go well!


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