Sunday, June 01, 2008

Camping retry... (Red Rock)

Well, Friday we decided to give Red Rock Canyon another try for a camping trip. So Denise loaded everything up in the trailer and when I got home we hitched up and pulled out. Red Rock is pretty close and it only takes about 45 minutes to get over there so it's a quick little trip. Fortunately there were not too many people camping there when we got there so we had a good selection of sites to pick from. So this time we tried another new site for us. Pretty good location and got us closer to the rocks for the kids to climb on. Denise and Desirae even went on some of the higher cliffs which is where I got the picture to the right (I stayed on the ground!).

Desirae and Deanna both really enjoyed running around on the hills and rocks. They just kept going up and crawling all around on them. There was another camper next to ours who had a three little girls so they also got to play with them. The only bad thing about that is their grandfather didn't really watch them much and let them run all over the place and up around areas that we would not let the kids go by themselves. But basically Desirae and Deanna kept playing with the shovels and had a good time!

The other plan Denise had for the trip was to count and roll-up all the change she has been collected since last year for our trip. So we didn't quite finish but we got a nice little pile of money that will be our "fun money" for the trip. Speaking of our trip, we only have two more weeks until we head out! I am REALLY looking forward to going!


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