Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Children's Hospital & Guitar Center...

As I mentioned the other day, today was Devin's appointment at Children's Hospital to check on the progress that he has been making. So we again met with Dr. Kay and he did an evaluation of Devin. He thought he was doing better than expected but he is still concerned about his legs. So he prescribed another set of DAFO which he was measured for (picture above) and he also wants to do a computer imaging of his legs and the way he walks. Basically it is like when they computer track people for movies but for this they are going to really see how he is working and how his muscles are working. So we should have his new braces when we get back from vacation and then we will schedule the computer modeling thing. The doc thinks we MAY have to do surgery but he isn't quite sure and the computer modeling is really going to help determine the best course of treatment. But all in all things are looking good/better...

Once we finished there we made the trip a few blocks down Sunset Blvd to the Guitar Center in Hollywood. I figured since we were already that close we might as well check it out. It was just like everyone said it would be... HUGE... That had an amazing selection of equipment (we only went in the guitar area and didn't go in the others) and it was quite impressive. They even have a vintage area with some REALLY expensive guitars handing on the wall. I saw one 1960 Fender Stratocaster for a bargin price of $58,000... The funny thing, there was a guy check out the guitars and shopping for one. I suppose it must be REALLY nice when that is an option for a purchase... I mean that is more than my trailer... It was really impressive to see though.

Well, since I had that credit from returning that Line 6 Pocket Pod Denise and I decided to get the kids a mini guitar so they can try and learn. The folks there were VERY helpful and spent a good amount of time with us to hook everything up. We ended up getting a black Squire MINI by Fender that looks like a shrunken version of my guitar. It doesn't sound quite the same but I think it will work for getting the kids to learn about it. So HOPEFULLY they will actually want to do it and put the time into it. Devin was REALLY excited about it (Desirae wasn't with us) and we will just have to see how it goes!


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