Sunday, May 11, 2008

More guitar and stuff...

I have practiced about a hour a day since I got my new guitar and it is starting to pay off. I still can't play anything but I am start to be able to move from key to key and the delays to switch are getting shorter and shorter. So that is progress at least!  I am also able to trick the kids into thinking I have a clue as to what it is that I am doing...  

Friday was the night of the Girl Scout sleep over. So Denise and Desirae headed off and left Devin, Deanna to fend for ourselves. It actually worked out pretty good and Deanna was even pretty good about it, so it wasn't much of a problem!  From what Denise reported they had a great time and the girls ate a ton of popcorn and spent the time dancing to music, watching movies and hanging out.  I am sure there was some official girl scout stuff going on but basically it was really to see how the girls would react to being a way from home and in the group.  They have to do this first before they can do the actually camping trip.  Denise and Desirae signed up for that and I am not sure when it is coming up - I think it is before our trip back to the mid-west.

we moved the jungle gym thing that we put together a few weeks ago back into the yard so the kids could play on that. Denise also put up her patio cover thing that enclosed the whole thing and made it a bit cooler for the kids. It is nice that they are playing outside more and having fun!

OBTW - on the top photo I used one of those 150 watt clip lamps you guy at the hardware store clamped onto the back of a chair and pointed straight down at the amp.  I then used my 17-55 2.8 at 2.5 sec, f/22 and ISO 200 at around 31mm.  Anyway I thought the lighting was cool and it made for a neat shot.  Plus the long exposure let the LED glow real nice for the photo.  I have my computer plugged into the CD IN and my headphones in the headphone jack. 


At Friday, 30 May, 2008, Blogger Brad said...

Yeah, I think the amp shot is really well done with the lighting effects. Glad to hear of your new guitar hobby.


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