Thursday, March 27, 2008

Planned boondoggle (Santa Barbara)

I really think I can get into this future planned leave thing. I had planned a few months ago to take today off for a photography seminar/photoshop seminar. I ended up turning today into a photography specific adventure and headed down to Santa Barbara for a day of creative shooting and exploration. The idea was to head down (early - that didn't happen) and photograph a collection of things to include surfers (if we could find any - and we did) and the Mission. For the most part the "mission" (hehe - cool play on words don't you think) was a pretty good success. Tom Van Langenhoven is the only one that end up going with me, Kris wasn't able to go and I didn't get a chance to run the idea across to Todd.

Bottom line it was a really cool day and I think we got some pretty good shots. The only "problem" (if you could call it that) is that it is spring break and there were quite a few people at the mission. People make it pretty hard to get neat landscapes of a mission - plus we didn't drag a working tripod into the mission with us. But we were able to make do with make-shift-tripods that I HOPE worked out pretty good.

Anyway I will get a chance to edit the shots later and go through them a bit more later - but right now I just wanted to do a quick post of what happened today.

It really is amazing how being away from work doing stuff like this really helps the way I am feeling. I really have to do this more often!

OBTW - at one point during the Mission trip Tom asked me to hold his camera (I can't remember why). Anyway I asked him to grab a snap of me with my iPhone to show "the complete goober package" with all the cameras hanging from me. It was prety funny (at least I thought so) and I think it made a good picture!


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