Sunday, December 02, 2007

She's a little runaway...

I had an idea about a “runaway” series of photographs so since we decided to go into Tehachapi for lunch I figured I would grab our old suitcase out of the garage (the one we only use as a prop) and see if we could make some pictures on the way back. Desirae really wanted to be a model today so she was up for it. So we found a deserted stretch of road and sent Desirae on her way. Deanna also wanted to “play” so we got a couple of shots with her and Desirae going together. Denise had another idea for a different location so we loaded everyone up and headed to another area and made another set of images. The only problem we had is that I made a very amateur mistake and didn’t watch my shutter speed. So A LOT of the 487 images were “soft” and out of focus. Oh well I should have caught that one. Either way I was able to pull about 10 selects from the shoot that I think will work pretty good. Plus we can refine this and shoot it again later. Besides once we were done we thought about different things we could have done.

We did have a really good lunch at a new place called City Slickers. Well, it isn’t really new for the area up there, but it is new for us. They had really good food and everyone seemed to enjoy it. One nice thing is that Tehachapi is a bit closer than Lancaster and they have just about everything you could need up there.


At Sunday, 02 December, 2007, Blogger Donna Rae said...

Wow - sorry to hear about your shots, but the one of Desirae and Deanna is adorable! Hmmmmmm maybe we might to need to check out this new restaurant.


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