Thursday, November 22, 2007

Work that turkey off!

Well, this isn't a typical Thanksgiving post, but after all the festivities were over Desirae and I went out back to shoot a series of shots trying to capture her running and jumping. Everyone else ended up coming out back to try and help it was it pretty cool. Desirae was having a lot of fun being the center of attention and she was really running her legs off. We got some really great captures and kept shooting a lot longer than I thought we would have. The generator came in real handy too as I used that to power the Photoflex Starflash 1600 with large softbox. It worked really great and I think I need to try to do environmental shoots more often. I suppose there are some places that you can't take a generator but it is still very convenient. Max also got some really neat captures of use doing the shoot, behing the scene type stuff, that will be way cool to see when she can process them.

Denise, as usual, put on an amazing spread and the food was wonderful. Everything was great and very well done. I think everyone made themselves sick eating too much and then again after they had a break. All in all it was a really great day!

Earlier in the day Max, Desirae and I headed into Tehapachi to hit Starbucks. I know, I know, it is pathetic to drive that far for a coffee but nothing can really compare to their coffee. It also gave Max and I an opportunity to scout around for some photographs. We ended up stopping at one area that I have always wanted to stop. The weather and lighting were horrible, but at least I have a good idea of where to stop and setup. We also came across some fire trucks parked together that were pretty cool. The best part is that Desirae wanted to go along and had fun just hanging out!

Oh, and the shirt she is wearing is a custom embroidery that my mom did. Desirae really likes dogs so she made it really big on her shirt. As soon as she gave it to her this morning her other outfit was on the floor and she switched to this one. I did have her change for shoot above because of potential logo issues.


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