Saturday, November 24, 2007

Playing around...

Today was a lazy day with everyone trying to recuperate from all the good food and running around. Max and I had talked about going out and trying to photograph things again so we took a hour and went out into the desert to see what was going on out there. As you would expect for a long holiday weekend there were a ton of dirt bikers and RVs out in the desert. We got a bunch of neat shots but my favorite was the one to the left. It was just simple and I thought the image just worked. I can honestly say that I am REALLY glad that I am shooting again and it is really helping my piece of mind!

Before we went out Desirae and Deanna were playing with the letters on the refrigerator. It was a really cute scene that I thought I would photograph. Max and I were both playing around trying to get a unique angle. At first I was having a problem with exposure and the way i was lighting it but once I finally remember what in the world i was trying to do I was able to get everything to start clicking.

Oh, I also ran into a TON of problems with Apple's new OS Leopard (10.5.1), Adobe's Lightroom and my Epson printer. As it turned out Leopard broke parts of Lightroom and the printer drivers for my Epson R1800 don't work right either. So last night I just clobbered my Macbook and reloaded Tiger (10.4.11) back onto it. So now everything is working again and I am able to print! It seems like Epson and Adobe should have their problems fixed soon enough but so I won't worry about the iMac but at least I have something that is working now!


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