Friday, November 23, 2007

Parks and rocks...

Denise and my mom went into town early to try to get some of the super deals and sales that were available at Joanne's. Max and I left a bit later with the kids and met up with them when they finally finished (it took forever to get trough the lines). When they were finally done we met up at a Park in Lancaster so the kids could run around and play. Everyone really got into it and Deanna was just all over the place.

After we were done in the park the plan was that Max and I wold hit the road to find some interesting area to photograph. It was a bit early than I expected to be out, but we made our way to Vasquez Rock. It is a place that Kris had taken me before and I figured it would be a good place to go. Other than it was REALLY cold out there it was a lot of fun. The lighting wasn't that great but it was neat to visit there again and Max seem to enjoy herself. Desirae and my mom decided to tag along with us so we had a little group. You know, even if the lighting isn't that great, it is still a lot of fun to get out and make some pictures.


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