Sunday, September 09, 2007

Famous Daves & Urgent Care...

Well, the other day when I was at my dad's he mentioned something about a place called "Famous Daves" so when we went into town today (to go to urgent care) we went their for lunch/dinner. It was a pretty good place with pretty good food. It was a bit expensive, but not any more than the other places along the strip there. I haven't done any high-iso shots for a while so I decided to crank up the power and go for some available light shots. Since they basically looked like crap in color I made them B&W for effect.

Okay, so urgent care. Denise woke up this morning with a problem their her left eye. Although it didn't appear like anything was wrong it was really hurting her. It looked like maybe she had a rash under her eyelid and she wasn't really able to open her eye without pain. She has been having what looks like an allergic reaction to something so we figured (hoped) that urgent care could give her something to help it go away. Well, the genius doctor decided that she has pink-eye and gave her something for that. He prescribed some other stuff too that we will fill tomorrow but she isn't putting anything in her eye until she can at least call her optometrists tomorrow.


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