Friday, August 31, 2007

Desert boondoggle...

Todd and I had been talking all week about getting together to do some photography. We decided to connect up today and shoot some later evening and sunset shots of some ghost towns. We ended up going North of California City and did some exploring. The weather, although extremely hot, was pretty good and it gave us some incredible skies. We ultimately ended up in this little ghost/real town near Randsburg Mojave. It was a really amazing place that was pretty well deserted. We did run into a couple of people that appeared to be locals and they were very friendly. The last time I had been in that area was with Denise and the kids and there were about 10k people on dirt bikes. It was really kind of neat to see the place really quiet.

Todd just recently switch from Nikon to Canon gear and it was (I think) his first time really doing a complete boondoggle shot. His gear is REALLY nice and his selection of glass is pretty amazing too. I am really looking forward to what he was able to capture too! Anyway it was a lot of fun and very relaxing and other than the heat it was a really great time!

I just uploaded selects from the trip here!

Earlier in the day Denise, Deanna, and I ran into Bakersfield and did some looking around at new travel trailers. It is generally pretty hard to do that will all the kids and since I took the day off and Devin and Desirae were still in school we took the opportunity to give it a try. We did end up finding a REALLY nice lite trailer that would work perfectly for us. I don’t know if it is something that we are going to do - but it is definitely something we are going to consider!

Update: I have posted pictures here!


At Saturday, 01 September, 2007, Blogger Donna Rae said...

WOW Duane those are some AMAZING shots! Good job. Where is the link for the trailer you are thinking about?

At Monday, 03 September, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice desert shots. Been through Randsburg a few times. Its a cool place to see.

Tom U


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